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Wet Stuff Swipes – Moist Towelettes


40 Swipes

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A Must Have for Any Bedroom 


When it’s time to clean up after all the fun, you need Wet Stuff Swipes Moist Towelette’s 40 Per Pack. These wipes are designed to be safe and gentle for even your most sensitive personal areas. You’ll get 40 handy moist towelette’s in each pack, so you’ll have plenty to clean up with. Great for both men and women, these moist towelette’s are designed with a gentle formulation that is easy and non-irritating on the skin. But, you’ll still get effective and refreshing cleaning action with each of these handy little towelette’s. The perfect thing to keep in your bedside stand, so that you’re ready to clean up and refresh yourself after all your sexy fun and games. You can also use these handy towelette’s in the bath to make yourself extra fresh and clean.Wet Stuff Swipes



A gentle formulation for any sensitive personal areas.

Non-irritating in delicate places.

Soft and soothing

Naturally Refreshing

Handy little towelettes

Great for either male or female

Before or/and after refreshing wipes

Handy resealable Pouch Pack

Pack of 40 190mm x 180mm




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