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Wet Stuff Gold – Water Based Lubricant Sachets


100 x 4g* Sachets

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Wet Stuff Gold Lubricant 

 100 x 4g* Sachets


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Wet stuff Gold is an extra long lasting formulation developed to give even longer lubrication than Wet Stuff. It contains an extra water retaining ingredient. It’s more warming to the skin than Wet Stuff. Gel Works invented warming lubricants in 1993 with Wet Stuff Gold. Water retaining compounds give off heat when mixed with water. The product heats to body temperature with body fluids. Our Gold users have known it’s warming and liked it. If you mix Wet Stuff Gold with an equal amount of water is gets 3 degrees C hotter. We did not want to scare users off so we let our users just enjoy our warming products. Gold has an exquisite texture. Need we say more! Wet Stuff Secrets is also warming but it is movement that warms with this product. We use special high viscosity ingredients in the cream that help convert movement to heat.



Specifications: 100 x 4g* Sachets Pack. 



Expiration Date: 04/2023.





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