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MaxMan Ultra Long – Dual Action – Limited Edition

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12+12* 260mg
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MaxMan Ultra Long



Dual Action – Limited Edition




MaxMan ultra long Limited Edition is a powerful male enhancement sex product, that effectively improves male sexual capacity. Allowing men to have stronger and longer lasting erections. Thus, enjoying a noticeable thickening of the penis, pleasing and rejoicing your partner. MaxMan male enhancement sex product offers you the opportunity to increase the blood flow in the erectile tissue to the blood vessels. Giving your penis the ability to reach its full natural size. Regular consumption of MaxMan helps you balance the yin (cold energy) and yang (hot energy) energy of the human body. Also the fundamental regulatory systems can benefit by maintaining optimal performance with regular doses.




What do you feel when you take MaxMan ultra long ? 


It’s a product that will allow you to strengthen and harden your erection – Increase sperm flow

100% natural product therefore it has no contraindications – No side effects

 Improves premature ejaculation –  Effectively treats impotence

Help to enjoy 100% of their sexuality




Suggested Usage: Take ONE dose (1 x Orange and 1 x Black) together 30 – 60 minutes prior to sexual activity.




Specifications: This male enhancement sex product comes packaged in luxurious metal box, 12 in the form of a penis and 12 of retardant effect 12+12 260mg.




Expiration Date: 3 years shelf life from manufactured date.








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