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K.L.G – Chinese Herbs

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16* 3800 mg
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 Chinese Herbs



K.L.G chinese herbal product is able to increase the size and length of your penis very quickly and effectively without having to go through heavy exercise or even ancient methods that naturally drain your energy and mind. K.L.G is a enlargement formula for Natural Herbal penis because it is made from herbal ingredients that are safe to be consumed in good duration. K.L.G is able to overcome all problems in men, especially for raising vital organs and stronger erections.



Thousands of men have succeeded after consuming K.L.G, their confidence has increased and they feel proud and satisfied with their sexuality. Most of them have recovered sexual passion and their partners enjoy the benefits of K.L.G’s consumer transformation. K.L.G is 100% safe without side effects. Only the highest quality herbal ingredients from around the world are used in making K.L.G. We are pleased to report that our products are used by men aged 18-74 years, without reports of side effects.



Suggested Usage: Take ONE pair of K.L.G dose 30 minutes before Sexual activity. To enlarge the penis, Drink one by one, orange or green first, given a distance of 30 minutes. For example, take green then 30 minutes then drink the orange one. It should be routinely consumed every day before going to bed. The results will be seen after 1 weeks of consumption such as harder and longer erections and a longer and thicker penis.



Specifications: 16* 3800mg.



Expiration Date: 3 years shelf life from manufactured date.





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