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BLUE WIZARD – Female Aphrodisiac Water – Sex Drops


Female Sex Drops

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Blue Wizard


Female Sex Drops




Having Female Sexual Arousal Problem ? You have landed at the right place! Enhance your libido instantaneously with Blue Wizard Sex Drops. Your girlfriend or your wife turned on! The desire of love that’s results from an erotic stimulation leads to both emotional and physical reactions. When it comes to sexual desire, it occurs following an exchange of kisses, caresses all over the body and particularly directed to the genitals, or games. Sexual arousal often results from the attraction proven for your partner; a sensual smell or look may drive you crazy and lusty enough to crave for sexual activity.





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This awesome aphrodisiac are designed to increase your sexual desire and take it to the max. This product is transparent liquid, colourless and tasteless, can quickly dissolve in water in a variety of drinks without being Found. Women bear fruit quickly after drinking a few minutes, noodles reddish, shortness of breath, breath hot, eager to head exposed, whole body dry and hot, eager to head exposed, whole body dry and hot, passionate women at this time, vaginal itching. Thigh dumb an urgent need to have sex with you and can not self-suppression.




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Suggested Usage: Take half bottle of Blue Wizard Water 15 -30 minutes in advance to sexual activity. This product is transparent liquid, colourless and tasteless. It can quickly dissolve in a variety of drinks.



Specifications: 15ml* Bottle.



Expiration Date: 3 year shelf life from manufactured date.





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