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Bangladesh King Tiger – BE THE KING!!!


10* 19800mg

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Bangladesh King Tiger







Bangladesh King Tiger male enhancement product which can directly absorb by the male penis, Boost penis blood circulation, and promote penis regrow. Increase penis bigger, longer and harder. Bangladesh King Tiger can stay in our body for 72 hours, Make people totally enjoy long sexual duration. Bangladesh King Tiger can help men release more semen, Supplement nutrition for men, 100% safe, No side effects and can be combined with alcohol.





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According to the research and experience of American professors, the orgasm time for men and women is different. 
Men can reach orgasm once they ejaculate. However, women need longer time to strongly stimulate and persistent passionate exercises. Normally, 68% of women need 8 minutes to reach orgasm in average, and 45% of them need 12 minutes to achieve. Unfortunately, above 75% of men will fail to control themselves within 3-6 minutes caused their strong desire for sex. 

King Tiger Pill For Men - 10 Pills Price in Pakistan | Buy ...


Suggested Usage: Take ONE dose about 10-20 minutes before sexual activity. Take no more than 1 dose within 24 hours period. The effect of the reception lasts up to 72 hours.




Specification: 10* 19800mg per Bottle. ONE BOTTLE without retail box.




Expiration Date: 3 year shelf life from manufactured date.







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